2nd Row


DOB: 7/26/1983
Height: 6′ 5″
Weight: 250 lbs
Position: 2nd Row (4,5)

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Hailing from American Samoa, Jay Harmon first picked up the ball at 18 for his local district rugby club. Harmon committed to the Legion’s inaugural season in 2018 and delivered valuable forward experience as a veteran of Alataua, Ft. Bragg, Tacoma Nomads, and Ft. Lewis rugby clubs before making his way to San Diego to join up with OMBAC. Harmon has been working on sharpening his footwork to evade defenders and providing his coaches with a ball carrying option that reliably breaks the gain line. He cites as his career high point as winning the Cal Cup in 2017 with OMBAC rugby but does not dwell on the past and instead seeing his best years as helping the Legion win an MLR title.