Valley Center, CA
DOB: 11/27/1993
Height: 6′ 3″
Weight: 220 lbs
Position: Back Row (6,7,8)

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Returning with the Legion in 2019, Christopher Turori offers valuable sevens and mens club experience to the black and red ranks of San Diego’s local professional rugby team. The 25-year old was named to the USA Rugby Collegiate All-American side in 2014 and is a product of San Diego Mustangs youth program, a reliable source of Southern California rugby talent. At 6’3”, Chris exhibits a ferocious fend and combative style of ball-carrying that leaves many would-be defenders in the dust. Likewise, on defense, Chris utilizes his sevens experience to make sure he is in the optimal position assist teammates and, if the opportunity presents itself, secure a turnover.